HTKD 0250-onnittelutThe membership fee, training fees and belt promotion fees of Helsingin Taekwondoseura are paid using MyClub-service.

Each student shall pay the following fees:

  • Membership fee
  • Training fee or beginners' course fee

The receipt of the payment must be presented to an instructor who will make a mark of the payment on the training card.

HTKD 0097-keumgangmaki oikea






Fees 2017

Beginners' courses
Beginners' course (16 times)* 120€
Advanced course (16 times) 120€
Children beginners' course: winter period 1.1.-31.5., Dojang* ** 150€
Children beginners' course: autumn period 1.9.-31.12., Dojang* ** 150€
Beginners' course for children,
School groups 
(16 times)*
School groups and Nappula taekwondo
winter period 1.1.-31.5.
School groups and Nappula taekwondo
autumn period 1.9.-31.12.
Membership fees 
Year fee 30 €
Training fees 
Whole year 1.1.-31.12. 360€
Winter period 1.1.-31.5. 220€
Summer period 1.6.-15.8. 80 €
Autumn period 1.9.-31.12. 180€
10 times card, members only 120€
75 days card 125€













Beginners' course fee

*The fee for the beginners' course includes membership fee for the on-going year and the belt promotion fee. You are entitled to a family discount if more than one person of the same family attend the same beginners' course. Contact your group's instructor for more information before paying the fees.

**With the children's Dojang fee you can participate in every training for children if the skill level is sufficient.


Membership fee

The membership fee is included in the beginners' course fee. No discounts are granted for the membership fee and it can't be paid using Liikuntaseteli-vouchers. A person who has been a member of the club for at least five years can become a permanent member by paying the membership fee for five years. The membership is applied from the board by email. Permanent members have the same rights as basic members.

HTKD 0399-tytöt potkiiFamily discount

The second and the next persons of the same family will get a family discount of 20%. The discount is granted for periodical training fees and the beginners' course fees. The discount is granted only if both family members pay the same periodical training fee and the discount is always counted off the lower fee. The discount is not granted for 10 times training fees. Contact your group's instructor for more information.

Training fees for members

All students must pay a training fee.


Liikuntaseteli-vouchers can be used for paying training fees and beginners' course fees. Contact your group's instructor for more information.