Our Taekwondo

HTKD 0113-päähänOur goal in Helsinki Taekwondo Club is to teach not only the modern and dynamic combat-sport, but also to honour the tradition and beauty forms of the martial art skills. Self defence has been one of our cornerstones for a long time and our aim is to provide each person who has attained a black belt with the sound ability to defend themselves in a threatening situation.



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The Taekwondo taught by our teachers is based on their view of the contents of the martial art. The Korean word "Sim uu" means family and our club belongs to the Danish Sim Uu family through our chief instructor. The father of this family is Master Ko Tae-Jeong, 9th dan. We follow the technical guidelines of the headquarter of Taekwondo, Kukkiwon, and adhere to the combat rules of World Taekwondo Federation